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We are an SEO services provider in Bangladesh. Our team members are always ready to rank your website. We follow our best strategies and the rules of SEO services that are designed accurately.

What is search engine optimization(SEO)?

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Search engine optimization is a process of improvement of a business rapidly all over the world. It is a proper area for growing any business. It is an online marketing method that is trusted and unique.

Search engine optimization ensures your website is in the top position in different search engines like Google, Yahoo. Bing. It also helps to increase the visibility of any website on a search engine results page. Our team will help you to grow your business through organic SEO or paid search engine marketing. You can get traffic in two ways.

There are many strategies. They are used for online marketing and search engine optimization ( SEO ) is one of them. In our digital civilization, the necessity of search engine optimization is increasing day by day.

They are Organic search and paid search. Paid search is referred to as a pay-per-click or search engine marketing ( SEM)

Our seo services

Are you looking for the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh? I think you are in the right place.  Virtual It park has SEO solutions that you are searching for. We provide 100% organic and white hat SEO services.

keyword research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the important process of discovering the top position of a website in any search engine.

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a system by which we can analyze our major competitors. We can research their products and marketing techniques.

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On page Optimization

On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimization the web pages so that we can rank the website and earn traffic.

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Link building

Link building means the actions of increasing the traffic and ranking of a website. It also helps to improve the visibility of the website.

technical optimization

Technical Optimization

Technical optimization indicates the SEO activities that are performed on a website; those functions are not content-related.

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Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is defined as making outbound links to improve the website. Its main purpose is to acquire backlinks for increasing traffic.

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Local SEO

Local SEO means doing optimization of a website for local search. It helps to increase, sales and creating brand awareness for growing business locally.

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E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is the most important part of e-commerce websites. It helps to make your site more visible for selling any product.

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Shopify SEO

Generally, Shopify SEO means the functions that are related to Shopify and it is more unique than any other site.

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Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO means doing optimization for ranking. These optimizations include product listing, keywords, photo upload, and more.

seo consultance services

SEO Consulting services

SEO consulting services are available here. There are different types of services offering you any one of them with a hassle-free consultation experience.

web site audit

Web site Audit

A website audit is the most important for all factors. It is a complete analysis and helps to increase the visibility of the website

Our off-page seo services

There are many strategies for Search engine optimization and off-page SEO is one of them. It is very powerful for backlinks. It also helps to rank any website in the search engine. There are different types of Off-page SEO. We offer you the following services.

Backlinks refer to the links that come from another website to a page. Most of the search engines consider the backlinks as a vote. Search engines prefer High PA, DA backlinks. Niche-related backlinks are especially needed for it. Because niche-related backlinks help to reach the target audience, it is the proper backlinks for your niche-related website.

Article submission refers to the articles that are optimized and submitted to the popular submission directory. It is very important for making more traffic. It creates long-term backlinks. You can provide valuable information to the customers.

Blog commenting helps you to rank your website by answering the relevant questions of your customers. You can get the targeted traffic. When you comment, you can leave a backlink. It is the best way to get answers of your question.  

Social Bookmarking means the practice of submitting the URL to social bookmarking submitting sites. It is a strategy to save the links on Social bookmarking sites. It has many advantages. It helps to improve the online presence on your sites. You can draw the attention of the targeted audience to your sites. It also helps to increase the domain authority of your page.

The page which has an error 404 decreases the online presence on your sites. So, you should clean up the site. A broken backlink comes from the error page. It is an incoming backlink. Search engines do not allow a broken link. The broken link can affect your website. You should remove the broken link. 

Classified advertising is very important for growing any business. Classified posting means the practice of submitting the URL to the classified directory sites. It is an online business technique that is used to improve your business or product. In order to get more traffic on your website, you should do classified ads. It also helps to maximize your brand awareness.

An Edu backlink is a link that comes from a .edu domain. There are many schools, and colleges, universities, and other academic institutions. An Edu domain is an official website of them.

Gov backlink means the link which comes from the government-approved websites with a hyperlink to your website. It is a clickable link.

Forum posting means the practice of getting inbound links. After you have participated in online discussion forums. You are allowed to posts and reply to others’ questions in order to get more traffic to your website. You have to select the relevant forum for the post. A member of the forum can share their knowledge and views. You can provide a solution to the specific problems

Guest posting is very important for SEO strategies. Both can exchange posts with a high-quality link.  Outbound links are helpful for traffic. It helps to build the relationship among the bloggers. They can share their thoughts in the same field. The standard of posts must be good so that readers are very interested to read in their posts.

Now a days people are very interested in infographics. Infographic is the combination of the two words like information and graphic. The graphic that contains information with a link is called an infographic backlink. By providing an informative infographic, you can get a backlink from it.

A private Blog Network  (PBN) makes use of a community of websites so that you can construct hyperlinks to impact the authority of a selected or primary website. Only a PBN is used to make the backlinks for a single website. The hyperlinks are created to raise the primary website’s authority, enhancing the website’s ranking.

There are different types of social media. Profile backlink means the practice of getting a link from social media. Social media should be high quality. This link will help you to rank higher in the Search engine. Through more information in your profile backlink, you can be able to improve your site.

A Quora backlink is a link that comes from Quora. We often use quora for the question or reply. Leaving a reply with a link is called quora backlinks. Though quora backlink is not a do-follow, it generates more traffic.

Tiered link-building is a strategy. It is used to promote the search engine marketing cost of your current hyperlinks by making some backlinks to your backlinks. Tiered backlinks make a pyramid for your website. If your inbound backlinks do not work well, the tiered backlink system will work as a pyramid.

Web 2.0  is one of the important functions of search engine marketing off-web page submission. It defined an excellent sort of collaborative and interactive components of the internet. Web 2.0 is now taken into consideration as one of the excellent methods to get inbound links on your internet site in a quick duration of time.

The backlinks of YouTube videos are more incredible. Because search engines favour it most. The backlinks come from YouTube videos are called YouTube backlink. It results in higher on search engine pages.

RSS is an XML text file and it is a simple content distribution method. It will help you to get connected with your favorite newscasts, blogs, websites, and social media channels for updated information.  RSS Feeds are the best way to be connected with the updated information. It also includes online magazines. If you have an RSS offer from a site, you will be notified during posts going up. Then you will be able to read the whole post or summary. When you will subscribe to the sites of the RSS feed, you will be able to access the newest published content.

Our SEO Services Process

Our first aim is to improve your organization’s online presence and rank your site on the search engine result’s page through our digital marketing tactics SEO strategies. We create quality SEO content and user experience for your site.  Our expert team members complete each of our projects skillfully. Check our SEO process here.

First step
Fix the goal and audience of the clients

Our first and foremost duty is to understand the demand of the clients. what they need, what their goal is, what their plans are for success. we should fix them and go ahead to materialize.

Second step
Site audit

A site audit is the most important part of search engine optimization. We explore all over the website and try to find out the problems. In order to find out the faulty, we decide to audit . Technical audit, Security audit, and content audit are done for it.

Third Step
Keyword research

We look for the best keywords with the most interest for your business. We justify and compare the keywords to competitors. Then we select the targeted keywords based on search volume and difficulty.

Fourth step
Competitors analysis

After learning the condition of your website.  We choose the keywords and compare them to the competitors for your business. It will help us to make your business stronger.

Fifth step
Content Development

We do content audits carefully. Team members of our content writing services develop the content. Unique contents are added to engage the specific customers.

Sixth step
On page SEO

On-page SEO means web pages optimization to improve search visibility. It involves content, internal links, heading, tags, and title. It also helps to increase the traffic.

Seventh step
Link building

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization It establishes the relevant hyperlinks to a website from other websites. It increases the traffic and reaches the top of the search engine.


Eighth step
Local SEO

Local SEO establishes a client locally. It increases search engine visibility and grows your business from local search. It is possible to get more traffic from local.

Ninth step
Monitor and traffic

After completing your website we monitor your website by analyzing the metrics that are collected from the search console. We observe how your site is performing and help us to open new opportunities.

Tenth step
Reporting and analysis

We always continue to monitor and identify failures. We report the performance of your site. it involves checking your data collected from analytics.

Why should you hire

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SEO services provider in Bangladesh ?

You should invest in digital marketing to keep up with the trends of the world. Since we know technological advancement is changing in the world of business. Now SEO services providers will fix the success of your marketing plans.  Are you thinking to invest in digital marketing for your company? Below are the top reasons for choosing our professional SEO services. 

Our team members are professional SEO experts. We think not only members of our agency but also your business partner. We are promised to see the clients’ business through our best SEO marketing services and we will continue our efforts to reach the goal. Our dedicated SEO services will thrive your business. Soon you will see new audiences and it will help to increase the conversation rates. Being partners with new companies, we think of ourselves as partners of your business.  As a result, we can ensure you improve your growth, success, and goals. You can learn about Virtual it park and our professional SEO services. We are always ready to reach your website to the top on search engines.

Best SEO services will help you to rank your website. SEO goes on its own rules. It never stays idle. It is always changing. Because Multiple google algorithm often updates every year. It impacts ranking factors. After ranking your website you will get more visitors. When the customers search your site in the search engine, it will show in the first position on the search page. Our company is offering you our services to add value to your site. More sales and more profits are the goals for every business.  Thad’s why we have to have always updated with the latest news of the Google algorithm and its trends. Our company always keeps new techniques and stay updated. We can ensure that our company is very active.


Rank On the Google's First page

Every business owner wants to be successful in their business. They are looking for a way but it is not an easy task   You have to work hard and soul and you have to cope with the update of the algorithm. If you want to increase your sales and build your brand awareness, you have to follow the rules of the search engine algorithm. You have to accept the best SEO strategies. keep in mind more sales more profits. it is possible when your website will be shown on the top of the search engine result page. for this reason, you need a proper plan, though, and a commitment to quality.

For a growing business, you have to follow some steps. If you want to reach ranking your site, it is not difficult for you. The steps are choosing the right keywords,   checking the competition, creating a page, includes internal links, and build quality backlinks, Manage meta tag well, optimize your web pages for mobile-friendly, optimize your content, and more.

 You are able to see your traffic from where they come. you may have to change any on your site to improve your ranking.  

Thus you can rank your site and get the benefits of ranking. You will enjoy the buzz of a successful SEO campaign, more leads more sales,  For better results, you can also use an amazing set of tools. We can materialize your dream. you can achieve a better ranking with the help of our SEO strategies. just call us and message us.

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