Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics is the best tool and it is free.

You require it to analyze data for your business. Virtual it park helps you to identify your customers and act on data that is very important for business. Our google analytics team gets into your website to gain in-depth insights into the website performance.

What is Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a website that provides a lot of information about a business and it is used as a traffic analysis application. You can use it to track. It helps to analyze the achievement of your website. It helps to get real-time information and analysis of customers’ interaction with the website.

It permits the visitors to research and its main purpose is to interpret the performance of a website and optimize the website. It can record all forms of digital media. It can also refer to web destinations, contextual advertisements emails.  Google analytics can organize with the different Google products.

It provides the data and it is designed for marketing. It helps to evaluate the quality of traffic they receive and the fruitfulness of their marketing efforts. Google analytics provides the number of visitors from all referring sites after completing any campaigning in marketing. We can convert the visitors into customers or members.

Our Google Analytics Services

We know it may be difficult to set up Google analytics for the first time. You will also do better like running and growing your business. Let our Google Analytics experts manage the project for better results. We often utilize the platform largely to conduct complex SEO, PPC, display advertisement, and email marketing campaigns in order to assess the performance of customers’ websites. There are many important services on Google Analytics like Audit, account set up, implementation, optimization, e-commerce tracking, User ID Tracking, monitoring, Google tag management setup and reporting, etc. Some of them are explained in detail below.

Google Analytics Audit

We start our Google analytics management services with research. At first, we manually audit your website whether your website exists in Google analytics implementation. We map your website to be ensured that all of your pages and actions to be tracked properly. We give more importance to the accurate steps for implementation so that our collected data becomes clean, up to date, and consistently correct.

Optimization and reporting

As all digital marketing strategies are improving day by day, so we should have opportunities to have correct data continuously. Regularly we have to audit your Google analytics. We set up all alerts to be informed whether you have any issues that are obstacles for Google analytics implementation.

It is our main duty to provide the report meeting monthly. It will help you to realize the importance of the performance of digital strategies. You will see, what we have learned, how much we have learned from ongoing strategies.Furthermore, Google data studio and Google 360 are the power of Google’s marketing platform. we advance our Google analytics reporting steps with them

Google Analytics account setup

It is better for you to be an expert if you want to launch an internet marketing campaign. We offer some Google analytics services to provide your company with an essential solution. Our team is always ready to assist you in setting up your account. It will help you for setting up and implementation of your new Google Analytics account.  We can consult with you about your business and your goal. We ensure that the new account is accurately configured to manage your campaign goal.

Google Analytics Consulting

Most companies know that Google analytics is the more powerful tool. This platform can help you to generate more profit in your business. It is proved that Google analytics is one of the most valuable management services.

We certainly review the present condition and Google analytics configuration of your business. Then we provide a suggestion list in detail in order that you can know how to increase tracking mastery and you can develop tracking scope. You can set up your campaign better to make more revenue. If you need an expert in the full power of this powerful tool to help you, please contact us without hesitation. The team of Virtual it parks on Google analytics will help you to fix your data goals.

E-commerce Tracking

Google Analytics is very important for e-commerce on account of its special features. These features are dedicated to the e-commerce website owners and they also help the marketing heads. Through google analytics, we are able to track sessions, bounce rate, traffic sources. You can fix the performance of your traffic sources and your website pages. You can also determine the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

Ecommerce websites are allowed to measure the number of transactions and revenue. All ecommerce websites can generate the transaction. After purchasing the products successfully, the server redirects to the success page with the transaction details. You can see the purchase information from Google analytics.

Google Tag Manager Set up

Google Tag Manager is very important for all types of websites. You will be able to add update your own tags for conversion tracking and site analytics. If you do not utilize Google tag manager, we can help you to install it on your website. If you have already used tag manager we will make certain the snippet has been positioned for the success of your website. We want to make understanding what tags are already installed you should keep away from the crossover.

You can install Google Tag Manager for different types of tags to configure. Tags are tags from Google ads, Google analytics, floodlight, and 3rd parties after creating an account or existing account at