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Virtual It Park is here to grow your business rapidly as a business process outsourcing company. We specialize in an inbound and outbound call center in Bangladesh. We provide contact center services, Sales and marketing, Tele-marketing, and Appointment setting skillfully.

What is cold calling ?

cold calling at virtual it park

Cold calling is a sales technique of contacting a potential customer or client who did not show interest before in order to purchase.  Cold calling creates a business connection with them. Contact information is essential for cold calling.

It is usually collected from different types of sources like marketing, sales professions through non-traditional means. Contact lists can be collected by purchasing from list brokers for cold calling.

Cold calling is very effective, yet it is questioned. As it takes more time to succeed. Negative responses influence more than successful ones.

However, Cold calling has some benefits like immediate feedback response, personal connection, and accessibility. It may be cheaper for the newer companies. The newer company can get more potential customers. Because cold calling can inform the customers and generate contacts in a cheap way.

Virtual it park's cold calling services

Cold calling generally refers to contacting prospects through telephone to make sales pitch for a business. Cold calling is the best method of lead generation that is used largely by B2B sales. It is a proven way to succeed in your business. Your success depends on some quality like a qualified database, the expertise of the call center in maintaining the cold call. Virtual it park’s team is trained in the art of cold calling and is available to fulfill your demand.

B2B cold calling

Though cold calling is an outdated strategy. It is a common belief for everyone. Cold calling still works as a powerful B2B marketing tool for marketers.

It is an effective technique to reach out to decision-makers. You can pitch them your products or services. You need a well-thought plan to succeed in your goal. Cold calling is the best way to materialize your goal.

We offer services for all types of businesses like small, medium, and large companies. This is our professional phone calling service.

Our proven sales solutions can penetrate any obstacle to your business. We provide those solutions to our clients sincerely. 

B2C cold calling

By outsourcing B2C cold calling services to Virtual it park, we can ensure you the services that you are looking for in your business. All members of the team are very skilled in handling your prospects. We can contact your prospects through a telephone call.

Our B2C cold calling services remove your business obstacles. It helps to make the relationship between buyers and decision-makers. We can turn them into possible future customers.

Those who have more experience to make sales pitches,  pursue tele-calling scripts, and continuing discussions accordingly, can make better results.

Appointment setting

Virtual it park is an expert in setting up appointments and maintaining the meetings. We ensure you the right prospects for your business so that we can manage all the pipelines. This will activate more the sales team to win customers.

Appointment setting is a very important task of a company. Its main purpose is to meet with prospective clients. That’s why It is called the process of scheduling meetings with prospects. You can handle it both internally and externally. Most companies avoid external (the third party appointment setting company). Generally, it is the job of salespeople to set up appointments with prospects who are more like to purchase the products.

An appointment setting is very important for any business if you want to sell more products or services.  Your organization may fall in a risk position without setting appointments with new potential clients.

Frontline support

The first and foremost duty of the sales team is to respond to a lead or an enquire as early as possible. You can get a lead through call, email, or chat. Every lead will be collected and systematically we will call back or reply as early as possible by virtual it park’s team. After ensuring the enquiries are replied to instantly.

It is very critical to cope with customers. It is also very difficult to cater for their needs. You have to wow your customers in this competitive corporate world. Otherwise, you will miss the quick switch of customers. They will switch to other services. It is so difficult condition that your business owners want to avoid. So it is very difficult to get more “WOW” for your business.

We are always bringing attention to our clients’ brands. Our team members are professional in the inbound call, customer upselling, feedback calls. We want to grow and flourish your business through frontline services.

Our cold calling services ensure to grow your business rapidly

The difference with Virtual it park is our expertise to connect humans to products and services is more active than those who are trained in old methods or outdated telemarketing techniques.

We have mastered new strategies for cold calling that were really awesome updated for your business. These tactics of cold calling will help you increase products sales.

New strategies of telemarketing, cold calling, and appointment setting will make you amazing. it will also increase your appointment setting.Now let us give you the opportunity to reach out to your business prospects through our cold calling services of Virtual it park. We can generate more leads so that you can make your business healthy.

cold calling at virtual it park